Curators are artists too..

And when it comes to playlist placement we think that the curators should make the first move. That’s why we want to provide them with a place to discover the artists that would have emailed them otherwise to pitch. Let’s make it more efficient for everyone to push, plug, pitch and place. We are label_ess and we will empower artists and curators to join forces and work with each other independent of labels - to form the music promotion platform of the century.

Save time • Get paid • Work on your term & Stay true to your taste

Discover the right artists for you to do deals with, using the most sophisticated matching technology that was ever made for artists and curators in the music space - and find the musical gems of tomorrow that will make you profit sooner and better while giving you full autonomy and freedom in your efforts to promote new artists

Why should you be on our platform?

- New source of income. For each match you make, you are profiting from it. And hopefully, this will allow you to focus on curating music to the extent that feels right to you and best satisfies your listeners. - We decided to do it differently than everyone else. Maybe WE got it right.. Put yourself in the driver's seat and be the one to create opportunities for artists to be placed instead of waiting for them to take the first initiative. - Stop getting spam promo emails and stop working on demand. With our platform, you don’t spend your time talking to the artists whose music isn’t for your lists - only those whose music appeals to you.

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